Idaho Lives Project: Hope, Help and Strength for Idaho's Youth 

September 24, 2018 

                                                                       FEATURED EVENT:       


           School Year Kick-Off/Sources-School Volleyball Game                 Hosted as a joint event between Compass Charter School and Rimrock Jr/Sr High School

When Patricia Barnes, Sources of Strength program lead and counselor for Compass Charter School, realized Compass was scheduled to play another Sources of Strength school in an upcoming volleyball game, she jumped at the chance to make the game a Sources event. With the help of Jamie Metcalf, Sources program lead and counselor of Rimrock Jr/Sr High School, Patricia's idea went quickly from possibility to reality.

The focus of the volleyball event was to support the school communities, their Sources programs, and to promote the Sources tenets of belonging and connectedness. To exemplify this focus, Compass hosted a pizza dinner for the visiting Rimrock team. Additionally, Peer Leaders from both schools attended the event and designed Sources themed posters which were displayed on gym walls during the game:  

 Peer Leaders and Adult Advisors from Compass Charter added to the fun by running a raffle for all attending students with Sources of Strength themed treat bags as prizes. 

 The volleyball event was a great success. According to several students,         turnout for the game was much higher than usual. Peer Leaders enjoyed         having an oppotunity to spend time together and experience the spirit and       culture of another Sources school.

 During this event the Idaho Lives Project took a moment to ask  Peer             Leaders for their reflections on the Sources of Strength Program:

Sarah, Compass Charter, Peer Leader for 2 Years: "Sources has helped me learn more about what I can do when people come to me with problems. I have a better understanding of how to talk to them and I am more comfortable directing them to trusted adults. Sources has also helped me understand where I am already strong and strengths I can develop to help when I am having a hard time."

Gentry, Rimrock High School, Peer Leader for 4 Years:  "Having Sources of Strength has definately helped the bullying go down a lot in my school. People are more aware of each other in good ways."

Alyssa, Compass Charter School, Peer Leader for 1 Year: "I have noticed that students are more caring for eachother than they have been in the past. There is a general feeling that, even though we might not all be close friends, everyone is still concerned about the well-being of everyone else."

Magaly, Rimrock High School, Peer Leader for 4 Years: "The program is really cool because it helps you get to know new people...people you might not normally get the chance to know. You get to learn about who they really are, not just who you think they might be." 

Rebekah, Compass Charter School, Peer Leader for 1 Year: "I loved the training (Sources) and the whole concept of it. Not only did I learn how to help others, I also learned a lot about myself. I like the idea of the strength circle and how all the strengths work together and build on eachother."

Idaho Lives Project: Hope, Help and Strength for Idaho's Youth 

August 16, 2018


Welcome to shorter days and longer nights. Welcome fall leaves, warm blankets, and football season. Welcome fresh notebooks, newly sharpened pencils, and new challenges. Last, but not least, welcome to our newest cohort of Sources of Strength schools:

  • Kootenai Jr/Sr High School, Harrison
  • Meridian Middle School, Meridian
  • Gateways Secondary School, Nampa
  • Butte County Jr/Sr High School, Arco
  • Lewis-Clark Middle School, Meridian
  • Blackfoot Charter Middle School, Blackfoot
  • South Hills Middle School, Twin Falls
  • Meridian Medical Arts and Technical Charter High Schools, Meridian
  • Orofino Jr/Sr High School, Orofino
  • Salmon River Jr/Sr High School, Riggins
  • Idaho City Middle/Sr High School, Idaho City
  • Payette High School, Payette
  • Timberlake Junior High School, Spirit Lake
  • Victory Middle School, Meridian
  • Lakekand Junior High School, Rathdrum
  • Skyview High School, Nampa
  • Mountain View Alternative High School, Rathdrum