Idaho School Campaigns

Sources of Strength


Victory Middle School, Meridian -Trusted Adults Campaign

Trusted adults are well-identified at Victory Middle School. This peer leader team recently ran a trusted adult campaign where they had teachers and students identify not only who their trusted adult is, but also the qualities of their trusted adult.

To spread the message, peer leaders had teachers complete a poster identifying what makes them a trusted adult, as well as who their trusted adult is. But the campaign didn’t stop there. The Sources team then created a video (link here) identifying who the peer leader’s trusted adults are and why, then displayed this video to the entire school.

After students viewed the video, they were asked to complete a paper identifying and describing their trusted adult. The peer leaders then took these responses and made a wall display, for students to view and get ideas about other trusted adults in the school.

Well done Victory Middle peer leaders!


Lakeland Junior High School, Rathdrum - No One Eats Alone Campaign


National No One Eats Alone Day for 2019 was held on Friday February 15. This day of belonging is a positive prevention effort orchestrated by Beyond Differences; a non-profit national organization designed to inspire students at all middle schools nationwide to end social isolation and create a culture of belonging for everyone.  No One Eats Alone Day is a lunchtime school event seeking to reverse the trends of social isolation by asking students to engage in some simple acts of kindness at lunch – making sure no one is eating alone and making an effort to eat with new classmates and peers.

Lakeland Junior High School in Rathdrum Idaho, one of Idaho Lives Project’s Sources of Strengths Schools, participated in No One Eats Alone Day this year during their lunch hour. Organized by Sources of Strength Adult Advisor Cherokee Gorton, the lunches were a great success. Each student entering the cafeteria was given a color-coded slip of paper designating which table they were to sit at during lunch. Each lunch table was supplied with conversation starters and questions and each student was asked to contribute to lunch conversations even if it was with students they didn't know and had never sat with before.

The conversations gave students the chance to know eachother better and share a fun filled lunch hour. The Sources of Strength Adult Advisors and other teachers and administrators at Lakeland also participated in this event, giving students the opportunity to get to know these adults better as well. Additionally, during the lunch hour, students were given heart valentines by their teachers with kind notes specific to that student written on the back. A great day was had by all! Congrats Lakeland for a job well done!


Mountain View High School, Meridian - Healthy Activities Campaign

To get the word out and break the silence around mental health stigma, Mountain View High School’s Sources team created a Medical and Mental Health campaign. They started by separating their peer leaders into two groups: individuals who wanted to present and individuals who wanted to hand out resources.

Presentation peer leaders visited classrooms to interactively share information about mental health and have fun. In these presentations, students played the game 1-2-3 Look and were taught messages about Sources of Strength and peer connection. Students were also informed about the importance of noticing when someone is in emotional pain and connecting them to a trusted adult with the medical/mental health crisis scenario. Finally, students learned about the importance of trusted adults and how to find one. Presenters then handed students a pre-cut paper and had each student write down his/her trusted adult, which was later displayed in the school’s entrance.

Resource peer leaders manned a table, during lunchtime, where they gave out resources to students for medical and mental health care. Mountain View also provided students information about their local schools clinic.

Mountain View is educating and leaving lasting impacts on their student body as they provide resources to those in need, as well as, create beautiful and meaningful trusted adult displays. 


Lakeland Junior High School, Rathdrum - Trusted Adult Campaign

In the interest of getting their "Trusted Adult" campaign successfully off the ground, Lakeland Peer Leaders decided to pay visits to classrooms. During these visits Peer Leaders introduced their slogan "Building Our SoS Community One Brick At a Time",discussed details about the upcoming campaign, and emphasized the importance of trusted adults.

As the official kick-off to the campaign, Peer Leaders asked their fellow students to fill out bricks with the names of trusted adults in their lives. Bricks were then displayed in a high-traffic hallway of the school. Students were also invited to add bricks to the wall as they discover and develop relationships with new trusted adults. 

This first campaign went well for the Lakeland Sources team and successfully spread their chosen message: "We are a community, not a select group, and we want to continue to grow."


Homedale High School, Homedale- I Am Stronger Campaign

As part of their "I Am Stronger" campaign, Sources of Strength Peer Leaders from the video production team worked with adult advisor Mrs. Thatcher and 2018 graduate and  peer leader Kendra Thatcher to create this incredible video depicting the power of caring:

Share Your Light: A Short Film 

After viewing the video as an entire student body during advisory time, students were asked to participate further by taking some time to reflect on and write about a segment of the Sources wheel they felt strongest in and why.


Victory Middle School, Meridian- Thankfulness Campaign

Victory Middle created a Thankfulness tree and put together this AMAZING video of the Peer Leader Mission Statement. This Sources team did such a phenomenal job on it. You can see the pictures from their tree below, and the link to the video is:



Pathways Middle School, Meridian - Getting the Word Out Campaign

This school has been very busy. Attached are pictures from their October campaign of "Getting the word out". They decorated all the tables in their lunchroom to represent each section of the wheel. You will see those images below. Dara, Pathway's Sources lead, said these table decorations were respected by all the students and remained up for an entire month. Since October, Pathways has done a thankfulness challenge and wrote school-wide thank you cards. For December, they are buying presents and items for families in need.