Sources of Strength Campaigns from Eastern Idaho Schools

Rockland Senior High School, Rockland
Thankfulness Challenge, November 2019

Burley Junior High School, Burley
Starts with Hello Campaign, 2019 - 2020 School Year

Peer leaders created a weeklong Starts with Hello campaign to build connection, community, and belonging among students and staff, and help reduce social isolation. Activities focused on breaking the ice among peers.

Students played Human Bingo, which encourages students to connect with their peers by learning about situations or experiences unique to those students in order to check off box and score a Bingo! The Human Bingo cards were created by the Burley Jr. High Student Council members. Students with a Bingo or Blackout could also enter a raffle at the end of the school day.

During lunch on another day, students were encouraged to sit at tables according to their birth month. Ideas for conversation starters were placed on the tables to help students connect and meet new people.

Students also wrote their names on paper hands to represent how everyone is united and able to lend a hand to others who might be struggling or in need of support.

Burley Junior High School, Burley
Back to School Night, 2019 - 2020 School Year

Peer leaders from Burley Jr. High hosted a Sources of Strength table at their Back to School Night in September to help visistors learn about the program. As part of that, they created this awesome photo booth complete with props for students and families to take pictures!

Burley Jr. High students also wrote down their definitions of a trusted adult.

Burley Junior High School, Burley
Connect Campaign, 2018 - 2019 School Year