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The Idaho Lives Project’s (ILP) mission is to foster resilience and connectedness throughout Idaho school communities to prevent youth suicide. ILP is a joint project of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW) and the State Department of Education. The project is funded by the state of Idaho.

Idaho Lives Project Overview

The Idaho Lives Project is working to reduce suicide by bringing the Sources of Strength program to selected middle/junior high and high schools throughout Idaho.  A primary mission of Sources of Strength is to positively change norms and culture throughout an entire school. The goal is to create a network and culture of connectedness, resiliency and strength that will result in fewer students arriving at the point of feeling suicidal. The Sources of Strength program is an "upstream" program and has been found to not only reduce suicide, but also decreases other risky behaviors. 

Sources of Strength is one of the most robustly researched suicide prevention programs in existence and is the only peer-based suicide prevention program that was listed on the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices.

Idaho Lives Project Team

Eric Studebaker, PhD
Director Student Engagement, State Department of Education
ILP Project Administrator
Authorized Representative - Garrett Lee Smith Grant 

Kim Kane, MPA
Project Director - Garrett Lee Smith Grant

Katie Walker, M.Admin.Ed
Program Coordinator - Garrett Lee Smith Grant

Hannah Crumrine, MHS
Program Administrator

Judy Gabert, MEd, MA
Program Specialist

Ali Shields, LMSW
Regional Coordinator for South Western Idaho


Jeni Griffin
Regional Coordinator for Eastern Idaho


Nancy J Schmidt, PhD, MEd
Regional Coordinator for Northern Idaho

Nicole Jenkins, LPC
Administrative Assistant

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